Other types of foam mattresses

Here we will only summarize since these other types of mattresses.

Latex mattress

Latex foam in mattresses is normally a mixture of latex from the Heave Brasilensis tree and synthetic latex, which is a derivative of petrochemicals and other substances. There are also the so-called natural latex mattresses, which must have a percentage higher than 85% of natural latex. Latex foam is obtained by the Talalay or Dunlop process. Each one producing foam with its own characteristics. Dunlop’s are usually firmer foams, and heavier for being denser, while those made by the Talalay method are softer and lighter. Normally those obtained with the Talalay method are more expensive since their manufacture is more expensive.

Viscoelastic mattress

Mattresses made of viscoelastic or flexible polyurethane foam have innovative and unique properties to relieve body pressure and were developed by NASA in the 1960s, although it was not until the 1990s that commercial use began.

These mattresses have a layer of viscoelastic material on a firmer polyurethane core. Some spring mattresses use this material in their upper layers. Different sensations and comfort are achieved by varying the thickness, weight, and formulation of the viscoelastic foam and the polyurethane core. The latex mattress and the Visco mattress provide different sensations. This type of mattress is good for relieving pressure on sore joints, but it is usually more expensive than spring mattresses.

Mattresses of this type are affected by temperature. In a cool room, the mattress will feel firmer than in a hot one. They fit the person who uses it in response to their body temperature.

Custom foam mattresses

We can look for who makes foam mattresses to measure, but the cheapest is to buy plates or pieces of foam larger than we need and cut it. Whether for caravan beds or bunk beds, foam mattresses for camping or a good place for our pet’s rest, given the simplicity of its construction is the most economical option. Like today, you get comfortable using foam mattresses. It is very good. And today, foam mattresses also get a memory foam bed.